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This program is collaborated with 5th IBPC, the 5th International Building Physics Conference, held in Kyoto, Japan, 28-31 May 2012.


Welcome to CHAMPS2012, June 1-3, TOKYO

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It is our pleasure to welcome you to theCHAMPS2012 Forum in Tokyo, Japan, the 9th International Forum and Workshop on Combined Heat, Air, Moisture and Pollutant Simulations.

CHAMPS 2012 will be a unique technical program that focuses on major challenges facing the combined heat, air, moisture and pollutant simulations for the design and operation of sustainable buildings. CHAMPS 2012 will highlight future challenges that will reach beyond the traditional scope of built environmental systems research. Examples: methodology and tools for coordinated and integrated urban and building systems design, impact of climate change on indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency and durability of buildings, micro-urban climate research, the long-term implications of green building design, connections between indoor, local and regional outdoor air quality.

The objectives of CHAMPS 2012 are:

  1. Exchange, review and discuss the state of the art in CHAMPS development and applications in urban and building systems;
  2. Identify knowledge gaps, and research and development needs;
  3. Develop a plan for further collaboration in CHAMPS development.

On behalf of the whole organizing committee, we warmly invite you to join us for the CHAMPS2012.

Jensen Zhang and Shinsuke Kato
Presidents of CHAMPS2012