This web page shows a brief history of our laboratory.

1942 Starting Shoda Lab.

  • 1942 Jan. Starting Shoda Lab.
  • 1943 Jul. Dr. Takashi Shoda became an associate professor.
  • 1949 May. Starting Institute of Industrial Science (IIS) at Chiba.
  • 1961 Apr. Dr. Shoda became a professor.

1962 Relocation from Chiba to Roppongi

  • 1962 Apr. IIS was relocated from Chiba to Roppongi.
  • 1968 Jun. Dr. Shuzo Murakami became an assistant.

1970 Starting Murakami Lab.

  • 1970 Jun. Dr. Murakami became a lecturer and starting Murakami Lab.
  • 1974 Aug. Dr. Murakami became an associate professor.
  • 1978 Mar. Prof. Shoda retired.
  • 1982 Nov. Dr. Shinsuke Kato became an assistant.
  • 1985 Jun. Dr. Murakami became a professor.

1985 Starting Kato Lab.

  • 1985 Aug. Dr. Kato became a lecturer and starting Kato Lab.
  • 1987 May. Dr. Kato became an associate professor.
  • 1993 Jul. Dr. Ryozo Ooka became an assistant.
  • 1996 Apr. Prof. Murakami became a chairman of Japan Association for Wind Engineering (JAWE).
  • 1998 Mar. Dr. Ryozo Ooka became a lecturer of Fukui University.
  • 1999 Apr. Dr. Kato became a professor

2000 Relocation from Roppongi to Komaba

  • 2000 Apr. IIS was relocated from Roppongi to the Komaba Research Campus.
  • 2000 Apr. Prof. Murakami became a chairman of The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics.
  • 2001 Mar. Prof. Murakami moved to Keio University.

2001 Starting Ooka Lab.

  • 2001 Apr. Dr. Ooka returned IIS from Fukui University as an associate professor and starting Ooka Lab.
  • 2008 Jan. Prof. Kato obtained ASHRAE FELLOW.
  • 2009 Aug. Dr. Ooka became a professor.
  • 2012 May. Prof. Kato became a chairman of SHASE.
  • 2015 May. Prof. Ooka became a chairman of editorial committee of Journal of Architecture and Building Science.
  • 2015 Sep. Prof. Ooka obtained Society Award of AIJ.

2017 Starting Kikumoto Lab.

  • 2017 Apr. Dr. Kikumoto built his labolatory as a lecturer.
  • 2018 Mar. Prof. Kato retired.